Monday, July 23, 2012

The tweaked cake version

So, as I said on Saturday, I didn't buy the right chocolates for the cake I was making and my double layer round cake was a no go. At least the double 10 in. cake was a no go. I instead did an 8 in. on top of a 10 in. cake and it left me a little room on the sides. Since the strawberries I bought were so tiny and the chocolates were also too small, I came up with a new idea. And viola! The new version of my  cake, which I actually ended up liking. =)

Since the cake was smaller and I had extra chocolates, I just added them around on the platter. Little hands and big alike, gobbled them all up. Just as an extra touch, I injected the cake with strawberry glaze (which I chopped fresh strawberries into). Delicious!

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