Thursday, July 26, 2012

Super quick Chilaquiles

Growing up in a border town, my understanding of lots of "Mexican" food has been adapted through almost Mex-Tex. Yes, I know it sounds confusing. But I feel like the food I grew up was authentic and yet, going to other parts of the country, others feel that their food from Mexico city is more authentic. Probably so. However, I'm used to mine. Ha ha. Off on another tangent. So, that being said, MY understanding of chilaquiles growing up was pretty much the same as enchiladas except in pieces. Actual versions say you have to cut up tortillas and fry them and more stuff. Well today we got caught up in baking and before you knew it we were all starving. So I put a bit of oil in the pan, tossed in a can of Old El Paso mild green chile enchilada sauce, tore up some corn tortillas and tossed them in there making sure they were well coated, then put in some shredded chicken that was left over in there. It took me about three minutes to make and heat. Here is the outcome:
When I served it, I just put some shredded cheese all over it and we were ready for lunch! I just made some quick mexican pasta with tomato sauce to go with it. Delicious. I'll be posting what we baked in a little bit. =) We will be indulging in that soon. 

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