Saturday, July 21, 2012

ERRors in Baking

So...I planned to make a cake for a friend on their birthday. I looked at tons of ideas and finally decided on doing a round double layer chocolate cake that I would wrap Kit-Kats around. Sounds great, right? Especially since their favorite chocolate is Kit-Kat. I went to the store, bought all the goods and even decided on two bags of chocolate just to make sure I have enough. As I take out the groceries and begin to mix my ingredients, I realize I bought mini chocolates which will not be tall enough to cover my double layer. Ugh, the frustration in my own error due to rushed, last minute shopping. Now, I have no time to go to the store and I don't want to get stuck with an extra two bags of chocolate so I have to put them to use. Hopefully I can come up with a plan to make a still delicious looking cake...with Kit-Kats.

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