Friday, July 27, 2012

Berry muffin bread

It's a lot later than I hoped, but as I said earlier, we were into a serious baking session today.  I pinned a recipe on pinterest and usually, I just pin stuff with hopes of making it and never do. But this bread looked so delicious! I had it on my mind almost every day and today I finally woke up and said "I'm making that bread no matter what". And so I did. It calls for whole wheat pastry flour, but the store I went to didn't have any so I bought regular whole wheat flour and it still turned out delicious. Also, no fresh blueberries. A little disappointing, but at least they had some frozen berries. It was a mixed blend and it turned out pretty good. What do you think? This delicious recipe (aside from the forced modifications I made) is from Her website in general is so awesome!! Check it out for so many other great recipes!

And honestly, what really made this muffin bread so darn tempting was the butter in the picture. So fresh out of the oven, cooled but still warm, the kiddos and I slapped on some butter and indulged in our afternoon dessert. Yum! 
Again, check out her page for the full recipe and so many more delicious recipes that I added on my "to try" list. Her pictures are really awesome too. I guarantee you they will make you want to start baking now! 

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